4 Building Maintenance Tips For Retrofitting Your Lighting

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4 Building Maintenance Tips For Retrofitting Your Lighting

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Much to the dismay of many business owners, businesses don’t run on sheer willpower alone. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems all cost money to maintain and operate. But, whilst commercial utility bills are a given, effective building maintenance and energy efficient solutions can prevent them from eating away at your profits.

Lighting alone is responsible for around 23% of the CO2 emissions from commercial offices in the UK. In most cases, these emissions can be cut by simply replacing ailing electrical systems with modern, energy saving alternatives. Nowadays, sustainability is a key buzzword in the commercial sector. Whilst changing the way you light your offices won’t solve your energy problems overnight, it can go along way towards ensuring a brighter tomorrow.

Work Out How Long A Retrofit Will Take

A complete retrofit can be a big task to undertake. If it’s going to cause disruption to daily office activity, then you will need to decide when the best time to schedule it is. If you work in a London office, which is open for business all week round, then it might be worth cordoning off small sections of the building at a time, to minimise widespread problems. It’s also important that you find a building maintenance team who can work quickly and efficiently in a large commercial area.

The retrofit can also be lengthened by the close proximity of other systems. For example, if your HVAC system runs along the same lines as your electrics, it can become a much more intricate renovation. Notifying your building maintenance team of features such like this can help them plan ahead and ensures you are fully prepared for any delays.

Do Your Research On Lighting Options

Don’t go rushing into a project you haven’t spent adequate time planning for. Whilst it’s wise to retrofit your lighting sooner rather than later, it’s not advisable that you automatically plump for the cheapest or easiest option.

In many cases, LED lighting provides the perfect solution for companies looking to save energy at a relatively low cost. However, they are not the only option available. Alternative methods of lighting such as induction can prove just as effective, especially in buildings where temperatures are high. These lights are also easier for a building maintenance team to service and this may be something that sways your decision. In London, working alongside both a building maintenance service and a lighting designer can help you reach a decision based on the most effective solution for your property.

Consider Making Smaller Improvements

If it’s not in your budget to commission a complete retrofit, then you might want to look at ways you can make smaller upgrades to your lighting system. One example of this is daylight harvesting, which uses sensors to determine when lighting is necessary and when it isn’t. Fitting these sensors requires very little disturbance to your current system and can be completed by a building maintenance service quickly and easily. This can help you avoid the prolonged disruptions which come with major renovations.

Check Your System’s Performance Before Upgrading

Whether you decide to renovate your lighting completely or simply introduce new measures of cutting emissions, you should never dive into a project without checking the figures first. In same vain as calorie counting on a diet, it’s important to know exactly how much energy you’re consuming before you begin any work. You can make your office as energy efficient as you like, but if it results in poor quality illumination for your occupants then it is going to seriously damage their  productivity levels.

Running performance checks on your lighting can help you workout the best compromise. A quality building maintenance service will be able to coordinate these checks for you and ensure you aren’t making needless large scale changes to your working environment.

Retrofitting your lighting can be a great way of cutting your office’s carbon footprint. However, you are unlikely to see the changes you expect unless you have thoroughly planned your project. Blake’s Building Services can help you discover the best lighting solution for your property, as well as carrying all renovations themselves. For more information on any of the services we provide, call us on 01634 86 29 29 or get in touch through our contact page.


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