Since the end of the recession, the number of small businesses starting up in Kent has steadily been on the rise. Unfortunately, commercial property development has not kept pace, meaning the expansion of these companies is now very limited. Serviced offices are in particularly high demand, as they provide the perfect, ready-made environment for growing businesses. But with these buildings nearing full capacity, there is very little room for manoeuvre.

So what does this mean for businesses unable to secure premises in newer office blocks? For those continuing to work out of less sought after properties, the key could be to focus on more regular building maintenance.

Could Preventative Maintenance Ease The Problem?

Whilst companies may not be able to jump ship to better serviced buildings, they can bring building services to their own doorstep. Preventative maintenance packages are a relatively inexpensive way of ensuring your building is kept in pristine condition. For the majority of property owners, building maintenance only creeps into their thoughts when repairwork can be put off no longer. But, rather than saving money, this approach can actually prove more costly in the long run. Reactive maintenance is only useful once a system has become completely unusable and during the time it takes to fix, productivity levels may drop dramatically.

Preventative maintenance negates the need for lengthy repairs, as all building systems receive regular assessments and tuneups. Whilst an unchecked HVAC unit might run for two or three years before breaking down, one that is routinely serviced can often carry on for a further two. With Kent’s commercial property shortage set to continue for at least the next few years, you could save yourself a lot of unnecessary losses by investing in quality building service maintenance.

Routine Building Maintenance Also Saves Money

A consistent and routine plan of prevention could significantly reduce the amount you fork out on repairwork and can keep your building in working order for longer. Whereas reactive maintenance will often result in the the replacement of entire components (e.g. chillers or boilers), preventative maintenance prolongs the life of these systems for far longer. In numerical terms, this means you could see as much as a 545% ROI over 25 years of service, when compared to the costs that reactive maintenance would incur.

Considering the current shortage of building options in Kent, a return rate like this could see your business flourish, even in an ailing property. The figures are based on the idea that reactive maintenance would result in you needing to pay for replacement parts twice as often, eclipsing the cost of regular payments to a building maintenance team. HVAC units and replacement boilers can cost thousands of pounds, making unchecked issues a serious investment.

Whatsmore, around 7% of the ROI from preventative maintenance comes from energy savings. Regular maintenance increases the efficiency of energy consuming systems, by ensuring that any issues are quickly sorted out. This could be something as simple as a clogged filter in an air conditioner; an easily fixed problem that may not be picked up by a repairman until it was too late. When a system runs at full capacity, it doesn’t have to force itself to work harder and therefore doesn’t burn as much fuel. Although these savings might seem small, in the bigger picture they could ensure that your building continues to operate perfectly for a much longer period of time.

Blake’s M&E Building Services have provided building maintenance plans for companies all across Kent and the South East. For more information on any of services, from preventative maintenance to reactive repairs and installations, give us a call on 01634 86 29 29 or get in touch through our contact page.

March 22, 2016
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