Maintenance Spring Cleaning Tips For Commercial Properties In Kent

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April 19, 2016
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Maintenance Spring Cleaning Tips For Commercial Properties In Kent

building maintenance companies kent

If you own a local commercial property in Kent, then you may already know how costly a fault in the working order of things can be. Even heavy duty machines such as HVAC units and ommercial boilers suffer from time to time, especially if building maintenance isn’t carried out on a routine basis.

At this time of year, domestic cleaning becomes a top priority, as homeowners look to bring a freshness back into their properties. But what about in offices and tower blocks? Whilst carpets and shelves can definitely benefit from a spring clean, it could also be the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into those systems working behind the scenes to keep your occupants happy and healthy.

Clearing Gutters After Bad Weather

Whilst we’re all praying for a dash of sunshine this spring, it’s still worth checking the outside of your property for signs of weather damage. Kent has recently been affected by a number of high profile storms, which have brought heavy wind and rain to our shores. These storms can wreak havoc on commercial properties if the damage is left uninvestigated and can even lead to internal issues.

One of the most common causes of water damage is blocked guttering. Leaves and debris deposited onto roofs by strong winds can clog drainpipes, preventing them from directing water away from the roof. Whilst this may not seem like an extreme problem, unattended surface water can soon find its way into your property, especially if there are existing cracks or fissures in the brickwork. Taking the time to clear out any blockages will ensure that water is dealt with properly. A professional building maintenance company can make light work of this job should you find yourself pushed for time.

Checking The Performance Of Your HVAC

Chances are your HVAC has been running at near full capacity during the recent cold snap. Most systems will be built to deal with this kind of pressure, but even perfectly designed units will tire eventually. If you are planning on using the air conditioning features of your HVAC over the course of the next few months, then it’s important to make sure there are no issues with its performance.

HVAC units can become inefficient for many reasons and the majority of these can be easily corrected. Check your system for clogged filters, leaking ducts or broken apparatus, as these can all cause problems with ventilation. Should the issues persist then call out a local building maintenance company to run a performance test. They should then be able to work out where the damage has occurred.

Ensuring Your Boiler Is In Peak Condition

Another system that may well have been overworked during the winter months is your plumbing. A boiler that is rarely serviced is far more likely to spring a leak than one that receives regular preventative maintenance checks. Even if you don’t plan on using it again for a while, testing your boiler’s performance now will prevent any nasty surprises from occurring later on in the year.

Asides from leaking pipes, boilers can also be subject to more serious malfunctions. One of these is carbon monoxide poisoning from misfiring furnaces. If there is a problem in the system then carbon monoxide can continue to leak into your property even when the boiler is switched off. Allowing a building maintenance professional to investigate your plumbing can be the easiest way to identify the root of the issue. Discovering a carbon monoxide leak now can save you months of ill health.

Testing The Quality Of Your Lighting

Sometimes your electrics can benefit from a tune up too. If you’re still using the building’s original system then it’s worth checking whether you could be doing more to boost its efficiency. Nowadays, LEDs are the go-to lighting solution and are usually favoured ahead of traditional incandescent bulbs. Whilst retrofitting your electrical systems can be a big task to undertake, it can prolong their life in the long run and provide you with cleaner energy.

A building maintenance company can run performance checks on all your electrical systems and determine whether they are in need of an upgrade. In some cases this might mean taking out the current system and start from scratch and in others it might be a simple case of fitting new bulbs.

Ensure spring is the only thing that’s sprung this year. Blake’s Building Services are here to help with all your commercial property needs, providing reactive repairs and preventative maintenance plans for businesses all across Kent and the London area. For more information on any of our services, call us on 01634 86 29 29 or get in touch through our contact page.

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